Takom Berlin FV 432

Hi guys,
Having a bit of trouble getting photos on here keep getting 403 code so if this is allowed I am going to cheat.

Thanks for looking any questions fire away😀



Looks great! I really like the muddy weathered look you have given it. A++

I like the work overall, but showing the vehicle in a Urbane camo muddy like that :upside_down_face:
Berlin is dirty I think.
But Technik and weathering are 1A, just looks not right to me.

I mean berlin camo did get pretty muddy…

I get your point Jan I did get carried away a bit but they were out on the training ground a good bit.



Ivan - love it; excellent rendition and let’s face it - APCs are going to get muddy whether in rural or urban (all those allotments to churn up let alone the Grunewald). No, smashing little model and hats off to (the then) Major Daukes’ idea for the camo pattern.

I love it!!

Ivan I think you’ve done a great job on it. I know how difficult that camo scheme is having done it myself.

Your FV432 is awesome. I got it in my mind this week to do an ambulance FV432. Well, the Takom kit is not for sale on this planet. I searched every online shop on Google and every country’s Ebay and there’s not one to be had anywhere! Went to all my trusted shops - nothing. I can get a big upgrade set, the tracks, the decals, but not the kit. Oh well. One project that will never see the light of day.

Do not despair😀
Apparently Takom are doing another run of production so it has been said on various sites! When who knows but fingers crossed.

Thank you all for your comments :+1: