Takom Chieftain Mk11

Did this one in the BATUS scheme. I liked the color combination and the multicolored barrel. Pretty straight build OOB. No issues that I can recall. Custom mixed Tamiya colors AB with an Aztek 470.


Very nice DV, anything Chieftain gets my vote and you’ve done a real cracking job on that Mk11 :+1: … And BATUS schemes are always good :grin:

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Looking really nice. I love British’s armor and especially the chieftain.

Do you recall the colors mixed for the yellow? I have a Chally 2 i want to do as BATUS vehicle. I have AK real colors nato green for the green but will home brew a yellow from Tamiya

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Don’t recall the mix exactly but I’m pretty sure it was a very lightened XF60. Lightened to a very pale shade with white. After an oil wash of umber it darkens considerable.

Perfect I was thinking XF-60 or XF-59 lightened with buff or white as well. I’ll give that a try, thanks

Fantastic work there DV. Love Chieftains as well and you’ve done an excellent job. Such subtle weathering and a great camo job.

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Gorgeous Chieftan. Love the paint scheme you applied.

The paint job is excellent as is the subtle weathering.


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Very nice, very nice indeed. I really like the colours and weathering, a fantastic looking example, and well done on those white stripes, they can’t have been straightforward!

Painted the white first then cut thin pieces of tape to mask off the stripes. Left the tape on and laid down the other two colors. Removed the tape and voilà nice straight stripes. Plus it’s better to be lucky than good. :grin: :grin:


That’s an excellent piece of work that really brings back memories for me.

Thanks all for the kind comments. Much appreciated.