Takom customer service

I’m missing 2 sprues, L&N, from Takom’s T-55 AM2B, #2057, kit. I sent an Email to “business@takom-world.com” 10 days ago with no response. Tried Facebook the other day too.
Has anybody else had any luck with there customer service?
I’m pretty sure I can build it as a T-55? as it seems that the missing sprues are the up armoring ones. Just need some research material. But dang it, I’d like to build what I paid for !!!
I “fired” Dragon because Dragon Care did respond but wouldn’t send me my missing parts. I didn’t save my receipt. I’d hate to “fire” Takom too. I like all of their uncommon offerings

I sent a message to the same email about purchasing a sprue a couple weeks ago. It was returned in a couple days with the price and details for payment. No issues.

I’ve had great luck replacing kits, or having missing/short shot sprues replaced…free of charge and free shipping…from Hobby Link Japan. I think buying from a dealer, that will honor how parts are dealt with…would be an alternative to your dilemna. Saying that, I buy almost 90% of my kit purchases from HLJ for that reason alone. They have NEVER let me down…having 4 separate part issues with kits, in the past.

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Thanks Gino, I’ll check to see what replacement sprues will cost. I do feel that I shouldn’t have to re-purchase what wasn’t included in the kit.
Vettejack, I bought the kit at my LHS. They also let us have our club, SWAMPS, meetings there and give us a 20% discount on kits. I don’t want to rock the boat asking for a refund/replacement after their generous discount and free meeting space.
I’ll probably just build it as a straight T-55 and not buy another Takom kit again.
It’s a shame too. They really think outside the box on their new offerings.

Good luck, Ivan. Please keep us updated on how it turns out with Takom. Dragon Care doesn’t care, and I am not even sure if it exists anymore. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You shouldn’t. I was trying to buy some extra parts, not replacements.

Good news !!! Today Takom Emailed me and told me they would replace the 2 sprues, no charge! All I have to do is pay $9 shipping costs. While morally I feel that they should even cover shipping too. Realistically, I’m happy to be able to finish the kit and not scrap it out for parts. C+ for customer service, it took a long time and many Emails on my part to get it done.
Vettejack, I will check out Hobby Link Japan. I try to buy EVERYTHING at the LHS that supports our club but sometimes you can’t.

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Good News ! My replacement sprues came yesterday. Only 2 months of doinkin’ around. It shouldn’t of been this hard getting replacement parts. There were a lot of Emails back & forth before they finally committed to making it right.
I guess the secret is just keep hounding them. It only takes a couple of minutes to send an Email every few days.
Wishing everybody plenty of bench time in 2022 !!!