Takom/Das Werk Panther Ausf A with Atak Zimmerit

Made a re-start on this today.


Almost ready for my favourite bit the final paint job.
Friuls and running gear on with basic paint job and weathering on said parts.


Looking really good. I can’t believe how fast you build, and with such great results. Painting is my favourite part too!

Cheers, J.

Lots of masking. Not sure I am very happy with it.
Still more to do.


Looks like the Panther is coming along well. Those hard edge schemes are difficult to mask for sure. The masking looks good going over Zimmerit.

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Re-visited the camoflage. Done the yellow again and tidied up other areas. Gloss coat on and both decals. Now for the weathering.
Happier with it now.


Very nice splinter cam Cats, the lines are nicely defined over the Zimm, but not super sharp over the Zimm which I think gives it a far more realistic look …

On the turret … have you or are you going to weight the back of it so it doesnt tilt forward with the metal barrel ? I had that issue with my panther G on the Build a Photo campaign. I ended up epoxying 2 large fish tank pebbles on the rear inside edge of the turret…

Thanks John.
Yes it kept tilting forward. I used an Aber metal barrel as well so I I superglued two 1d coins to the back inside wall of the turret.

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:+1: cool, just though t it worth mentioning.

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Calling it done. Still has some mistooks LOL


Beautiful job. Love the mud, grass, and leaves. Camo is outstanding. Really great finish overall.

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Not sure I like the paint scheme. I do like the yellow numbers, something you don’t see that often. Nevertheless it’s well executed and a good job overall. :+1: :+1:

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I like it!


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@Catsrcool, a few build questions if you don’t mind. I like the model, looks good :+1:.

I’ve had my eye on the Das Werks Panther kit for a while.

Would you recommend the kit?
How many hours would you estimate the building & assembly took?

Did you encounter any pitfalls, instructions wrong, poorly fitting parts or tedious assembly sequence?

Any kit parts, that are marginal and potentially benefit from aftermarket replacement?

Thank you for your time.

The build is pretty straight forward as it is a Takom Panther without the interior.
The instructions have you put things like tools on the upper hull before attaching it to the lower hull. I thought that was a recipe for disaster so I just put anything that needed to be put in the upper hull from the inside and then added the other stuff.
Pay attention to getting the multi-part cupola’s parts aligned properly top to bottom so the pivot hole for the hatch lines up through all three pieces. The PE for the grilles on the engine deck are larger for the rear pair and the instructions do not make it clear that the PE part has two small solid rectangles on one side and they go towards the rear AND overhang the part they attach to.
OOB you can build either a “normal” panther or a Panzerbefehlwagen command tank and if you build it I suggest you go through the instructions and cross out the steps not applicable to your choice.
Step one has you drilling holes in the bottom lower hull to fit a towing bracket which was hardly ever used and my main reference - Germanys Panther Tank - The Quest for Combat Supremacy by Thomas L Jentz and Hilary Doyle ISBN 9780887408120 states they were deleted at the factory or removed in the field normally.
As to how long it took I have absolutely no idea. It was done between being a husband/cooking/grandparenting and writing software. Not having a interior cuts assembly time down of course.
As always I replaced the barrel with an Aber one and binned the tracks in favour of Friuls. The Das Werk branded Atak Zimmerit is a bargain compared to sourcing it direct if you are willing to tackle it.
I would recommend the kit as it is relatively easy to build. Of course I can not speak for the kit tracks.

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Thank you @Catsrcool :heartbeat:

The info on the cupola, grills & tow bracket very valuable. The Jentz book rocks. One look at the kit tracks, they definitely go get tossed in the bin for Fruil or other white metal etc. I’m probably dumb enough to tackle doing home made Zimmerit. Its nice to know about the ATAK option just in case. Very hard to beat an Aber barrel and most of all that killer muzzle brake!

Thank you again for the details.

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