Takom King Tiger 2 in 1 | Armorama™

2 in 1 King Tiger with 105mm KwK46 L/68

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Belle production, cependant il est dommage que les chenilles ne soient pas en maillons individuels ! Je pense qu’aujourd’hui une bonne maquette doit inclure les maillons séparés pour les chenilles.
Avec tout le respect.

For the next paper mache “what if war had continued a billion years longer” I want a ww2 king tiger with a combination Scud, Himars & Space X launcher with zimmerit, GPS, thermal sights, cope cage, ERA bricks, laser range finder, internet access, air conditioning, wide screen TV, back light for TV, video game console, espresso machine & limited issue Taylor Swift resin figure (for collectability) singing on the wrecked vehicle in a USO special event.

(End cheeky reply smile :smiley: :blush:)


J’avais oublié, cela reste de la pure fiction. Les quelques Tigers avec tourelle Porsche; n’ont pas dépassés le stade d<e la campagne de Normandie. Alors !!!

Ideas originate and travel with inventors, not machines. The ideas expressed in this design demonstrate what inventors were striving for at a point in time. Even though the vehicle was never produced, the ideas it embodies would ultimately express themselves on future vehicles. That information is relevant to the history of the development of armored fighting vehicles.

I enjoy conjectural and prototype designs and will purchase one of these if the price is right.

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Honestly, that would be a fun pretend build, add zimmerit, bed spring armor, “ambush camo scheme” to go wirh the IR device.

The more I look at this model, the more I want to do something really crazy with it.

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