Takom M60A1 ERA

Built this a few years back but can’t remember if I’ve ever posted it. Searched my history and couldn’t find it. Anyway, took it to IPMS Nationals in Chattanooga and was awarded a 1st in its category. Built mostly OOB except for the stowage that came from numerous sources, Legend, Tamiya, Verlinden etc.

Painted with custom mixed Tamiya applied freehand with AZTEK 470 AB. Given a sand colored oil wash and pinwash followed by light dry brushing. Sand colored pigments and AB work completed the weathering. Thanks for looking.


Very nice. It looks great. I really like the Takom M60s. I built the USMC M60A1 w/ERA and Dozer blade a while ago.

I’ve built several and enjoy them as well. Reasonably well detailed and hassle free assembly.

Outstanding work DV.

Beautiful job DV


Anything M60A1/A3 related is an automatic “LIKE” for me. M88? LIKE M728? LIKE.

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A good job. A remarkable assembly and painting is seen. Maybe I’m missing the antennas. They would add some verticality to the vehicle