Takom M60A3 with plow

Built OOB. Kit was a joy yo build. No real hiccups that I can recall. The plow adds about 100 parts to the build and is a bit complicated but not particularly difficult. If you are careful the plow can be raised and lowered if you choose or you can just glue everything solid. Only caution is with the mounting of the plow itself. There are tabs that are supposed to snap fit into locating holes to attach the plow to the lifting mechanism. However, if you follow the kit instructions it is very difficult to snap them into place without the risk of breaking something. Luckily I was able to loosen one of the pieces with the locating holes. Best if you leave one side of these off. There are four pairs of these so just glue one of each pair to the plow. Once the plow is “attached” and aligned then glue on the other side of each pair. Despite that difficulty this was a fun build for me.

Painted with custom mixed Tamiya with the main colors AB with my trusty Aztek 470. The crows feet were applied with a brush.

Thanks for stopping buy.


Looks amazing. The M60 Patton is one of my favorite Cold War era tanks.

Bad ass!

Looks really nice. I enjoy this type of builds, subtle weathering, great paintjob. :+1: :+1:

if nothing else, what a paint job!! Great build

My favorite tank of all time!


Very nice. It looks awesome. The Takom M60 kits are great kits.

That is just fantastic. There’s something truly badass about tanks with plow blades. Thanks for sharing!


That is looking so good. Great painting and the weathering is just right and not over powering… The wear on the blade looks great as well…another great build. :+1:

I had a buddy who drove one-the only working blade in the BN and he was rightly proud of it.

That is a really nicely painted piece- it looks awesome with that camo.

Thanks for all the positive comments. Can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this build. Forgot to mention that the kit does come with the standard headlights and brush guards so it is possible to build a standard vehicle.

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That’s a very inspiring build DV!

Looks fantastic with the paint and weathering!


Great looking build. :+1:

VERY cool! Outstanding model.

Great job, a model to show on it’s own or in a diorama.
What a lovely problem to have , fun choice too make .
Well done.