Takom Mark IV summer build

One down, now to build the German captured one.


Lovely work bud- you’ve really done a great job on the paint- that green looks very realistic. Nice, subtle weathering too.


Thanks, This was built with the snap tracks from Takom. I would highly recommend them for any of the Takom Mark tanks. The ones it comes with are a beating.


Beautiful model. Excellent finish and nice light weathering. It’s nice to see someone else from the “Green Camp”. I’m tired of looking at diarrhea colored tanks slathered in mud.


When I first got back into modeling I liked seeing weathering and for awhile I bought into even barrel powder look. But the more I build the more I am straying away from anything mud. I can tell you every tank I have sold has been to someone telling me NO to mud when I ask them how they would like it done.

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Very nice indeed, the paintwork really helps to highlight the very fine detail in the rivets.

Top job :+1:

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