Takom Pz I Ausf A

I think I’m done


Done! Going for the deconstructed look then… :joy:

Looks great Dan.

Paint next!


I’ve been following your build and it is turning out nice. Glad to see how well it is going together because I had ordered the 2n1 set from Andy’s Hobby Headquarters’ about three weeks ago now and can’t wait to get them. Now waiting to see your example painted.

~ Eddy :nerd_face:

Thanks Eddy, I hope to paint soon and I started painting two figures for it last week.


I am really lacking when it comes to figures but I will most definitely do my best to add them when I can as I do find they do give life, action and scale to the build. Nothing like figures to go along with a detailed and painted vehicle, especially on a base. But my figures come out lookin like night of the living dead with pop out eyes. Oh are the dark hooks on the turret and superstructure an aftermarket item or did these come with the kit?

Looking forward to your next update!
~ Eddy :tophat:

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That is a lot better detail than I thought it would and you’re really bringing it to life

Thanks-I’m impressed with it and have to get back at it.

So far it looks great! I’m a fan of the Panzer I and have made a few of the Panzer I derived kits from Dragon.

It’s amazing just how small those tanks were, especially compared to something like a Panther!

This was definitely one thing that surprised me! Next to my T-54 I just built my Panzer I on the bench looks like a toy. Wouldn’t want to crew one

@Dan the panzer I is looking great

Thanks much

Good Job, Dan.
I like that litle tank, the kit looks good and your job looks better.
I folow your job

Thanks for that

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Just painted it last night.


Done I think




I like your ‘on a budget’ model holding fixture, that works for me, nice! :+1:

You’ve done an outstanding job of building this kit and within 30 days finishing it up. Wish I could build and finish up a kit in that time and have it come out looking good. Like the treatment on the exhaust screens, looks the part.

Nice choice on the early war figures. The terminator sun glasses are a plus, too cool. Love the base too. Thanks for sharing and posting your work, waiting to see more.

~ Eddy :tophat:

You’re too nice Eddy!
I use a vise to hold the block when I was weathering the kit and that does the trick.

Here’s a pic of the small vise that I use