Takom Pz I Ausf A

Got this last week.


Looking good so far!

Thanks! I like this kit so far and I’d say it has a leg over the Dragon and Tristar kits.

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Nice Dan, I have this one and the Ausf B in the stash.

The Takom kit?

Not glued on


Nice start! Is this the 1/16th scale kit?

I find the panzer 1 fascinating

1/35 scale

Nice! Looking good

Thanks much

What does Takom have over the old ones?

Ooops. I thought it was the 1/16th…, in that case, I have the bigger brothers! :woozy_face:

The Price for starters. I can get the 2 kits in one box, combined Pz1 Ausf A and Panzer 1 Ausf B release for the equivalent of USD $45 here in Australia - which is less than the cost of Dragon’s single Ausf A or B, and the same price for one of the Hobby Boss/Tristar ausf A…

You can follow Dan’s build here and he can can show you what he thinks of the kit, but Hobby HQ did a video review on it too, and the kits look fantastically detailed from what you can see:

Compared to Dragon’s, which I also have, this one looks sharper.

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Fit. The Dragon kit is great but there is a gap at the engine compartment that I had to shim. Not a bit problem.
Tristar uses a multi piece hull with the edges being beveled.
The Takom kit is just falling together.

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The fit of the tristar hull is the biggest annoyance with that kit for sure. It builds yo nice but it takes a lot of effort to get the hull together

Sure does…

That is super nice . Cant wait to see more

Thanks, I’m a big fan of the Ausf A and will get more for sure. The low price helps.

Here are some nice 3D parts for the Ausf A-



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This is where I’m at tonight.