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Commemorating the 10 years of Takom, they are to release a Tiger I Mid w/ Zimmerit and some extra items included.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/takom-tiger-i-mid-w-zimmerit

It is a new Tiger and there are people like me and (hopefully) other who like it.

If you are not interested, move on. Don’t waste your time with comments like “boring” “oh, another Tiger” or “I would have liked -whatever other kit- instead”. Please.


Agreed. I already have the Trumpeter late and the Border early and the RFM Tiger 131, and will be buying this one.

Its okay to like Tigers! This one looks like a nice model to be fair, nice 3D printed extras and so on.

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Looks nice. And the added resin bits and metal barrel are a neat touch. Built in zimm wins it for me.


It looks like good value (assuming a typical price). I’m compiling my personal thoughts about Takom’s future Mid Tiger kit.



This could make a nice addition to round out the Tiger 1 heavy stash battalion! The model makes an excellent first impression. Looks like a sweet later mid-model Tiger without S-mines.

I’ll buy at least one if the kit provides

  1. Good build reviews with precision fit

  2. Dimensionally accurate with accurate details

Agreed. I’ve tried a couple of times to make my own and wasn’t especially enamoured with the result, and cutting holes for the stowage attachment points and so on in pre-made sheets of incredibly uniform pattern Zim isnt my bag either. I was reading about a guy who makes his zim using a fine papier mache sort of super thin spread, letting it part dry and then adding the indentations with a Zim tool, but frankly that doesn’t appeal much either.

Molded on Zim lets me concentrate on what I’m best at - the painting. I’d much rather put the hours in with the airbrush than hack away at a build with glue and a scalpel etc. The building side is very much my weaker suit, even though I do enjoy it, its always damage limitation or so it feels like hahahaha. I’m an airbrush guy, the painting step is what I enjoy. I tend to see models like Tigers and Panthers as a canvas to paint rather than as a model to focus on the assembly etc. So to me at least you can never have too many Tigers and Panthers. :slight_smile:


Thats the reason I usually steer clear of Tiger 1’s, even though i love them… even just contemplating doing the zimm puts me off, hence I like late Panther G’s or King Tigers … This one will be on my to get list though

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I will be getting one. I do want the zimmerit although I’m getting too old and impatient to apply it myself. I like all the different options. I had no idea about the different style hatches and what I’m thinking is the air vent between the commander and loaders hatch. The track link jig is a big plus for me.


The molded Zimmerit or resin zimmerit looks great and saves so much time!

It’s a fantastic plus, happy Takom included it. It’s a big turn off to want to build your model tank but need to develop your own zimmerit solution. I bet that’s stalled half of the big cat builds folks wanted to do over the years.

I like doing Zimmerit by hand, it’s sort of fun but it’s so time intensive. It really slows down my momentum on a build.


Wow…that is some awesome looking zimmerit.

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Definitely, enjoyed the video thanks for posting it.

In the video the Tiger kits look good. I never pre-order but drank the kool-aid on this one and jumped on the bandwagback in November.

Had a nuce laugh at Takom’s expense as rhe color guide painting instructions call the steel wheel late Tiger a mid Tiger. :grinning: Just a silly typo but put a smile on my face.

On a serious note, i especially like that on the mid model’s rubber road wheels they are only two gates to clean up. Very nice engineering by Takom. It good to see that. The wheel with out the tire is a pretty nice add on too.

I got the 3 Tiger box and glad it should be coming soon now that two of them are ready. I also got the 9t Vomag with the 88mm gun which is on its way to Andy’s now.

The first shipment of the Vomag also comes with a bilingual history and modeling book on the vehicle which is a really nice bonus he claims he was not aware of when the preorder went live.