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Takom's T-55 AM is another fun kit to build with great detail and solid engineering to make assembly straightforward. I really like the naval camo scheme and markings, but painting and weathering are not my strengths, so I'm kind of disappointed in the finish, but at least I figured out how NOT to do a camo scheme for next time!

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/list/takom-s-t-55-am

Nicely done. :+1:


Good looking T-55!

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A very beautiful model and the camouflage is excellent!!!

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Wow that came excellent. Great job on the camo scheme

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I disagree with your assessment that painting/weathering aren’t your strong suit! Given the subject/era, I think you’ve accomplished both admirably!

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Beautiful camo mate - lovely work

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Why are you not satisfied with the Camouflage? Was it a soft-edged one?

No, it was a hard edge scheme, but that’s only based on the Takom instructions and box art. I couldn’t find a photo of the actual tank.

Im comfortable doing soft edge schemes with my airbrush, but my initial attempt using putty to give a hard edge didn’t work. I ended up using a brush and Vallejo paints to add the light green and black stripes over the 4BO base coat. When I tried to do some post shading, I ended up bleeding over the hard edges in some places. I redid places with a brush again, but the whole process was messy.

Thank you, Robert!