Taliban/Northern Alliance Technical Trucks

I bought the Meng ZPU-1 pickup truck, and in my book on technicals it mentioned that this truck was the type used in 1990’s Afghanistan. But the book provides little in the way of illustrations, so can anyone direct me towards more?

This is not my photo - it was taken in Gardez, a village about halfway between Kabul and Orgun. I saw similar ones when we rode through Gardez several months later.

I don’t have any books on the subject so I’m not sure what they’re refering to, but most of the pickups in use back then were Toyota Hiluxes.

I trained 55 AMF (Afghan Militia Force - most of whom were former Muj) and they favored the Hilux.

This are my photos, and feature trucks used by them:

The guy in the back in the second photo mad-dogging me wears the same “uniform” as the dudes in the first photo.


What color is this truck? Looks to be a blue green?

Top guy looks like a UAZ 469.

It is not, although they used them as well.
From the ANA:

And from local factions:

In answer to your question - a metallic gunmetal. You can actually get the color codes that Toyota used back then and get touch up paint. I did so for one in 1/24 scale.

My company even had a technical based on a UAZ 469 - we cammoed it black and white. There’s a photo posted on the archive site. I’ll see if I can dig it up.


I’m looking forward to the Zvezda kit.

Yep, gotta love the Hilux!



Technicals: Non-Standard Tactical Vehicles from the Great Toyota War to modern Special Forces (New Vanguard): Neville, Leigh, Dennis, Peter: 9781472822512: Amazon.com: Books

Thanks. Here is the book I was referring to.

Just going to post a link of that same book.
Great book.

Some Hilux drivers in Iraq weren’t as lucky…

Found it! Our Black and white UAZ “technical.”


You even have a trunk monkey!



Wasn’t there to be a group build of technical vehicles?

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