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Since I really do like Warhammer 40K, and I love the aesthetics of the setting -all the crazy, over-the-top armor, weapons, daemons, aliens and other strange things- I am constantly in search for smaller companies offering alternative minis, upgrades, or minis that do not exist in the “official” line. (Many chapters, legions, species, fractions only lately got their own minis; some still do not have any… so it was up to the cottage industry of small companies to fill in the void.) These companies typically use 3D design and 3D printing combined with the traditional resin mini production; this means that the level of detail (and the speed of production) is reaching astonishing levels. It is worth following (and funding) different Kickstarter projects because in many cases this is how these companies start up.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://modelgeek.com/news/heresy-labs-talon-mecha-hk1-heavy-armor-paladin

Gosh, this seems like a lot of detail on a fairly small figure. When I first saw the photos I assumed it was much bigger than 28mm.

Honestly? A lot of it I only noticed once I took a look at the photos… it is really a lot of detail crammed into this mini and it is so small it is not apparent immediately. (I guess the blessings of computer design and 3D printing, plus really, really good resin technology.)

Will be an interesting experience painting it. :slight_smile:

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Even though the base game is 28mm scale, the size for this line of product is about 40mm, and possibly larger for this particular one. The base human size are about 32mm scale.

And 100% correct, the digital sculpturing (do not confuse with scanning) and 3D printing are the way of future.

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