Tamiya 1/16 Centurion

That busy Andy…


Oh man… that thing is a monster and I want it. Wonder if I could ride it to work…

How much $$ ?

Function review here - Tamiya 1/16 Centurion "post build" review. - RCU Forums -

The build here - Tamiya 1/16 Centurion photo build log. - RCU Forums -


Does this mean there will be a 1/35 version too?

Tamiya 1/35th Centurion - since 1971, just motorised back then, not RC, though there may be an AM conversion kit?


Answering my own question - seems like they are being offered on eBay for $ 1,300 range without radio.

Yes, I know about the old kit.

Built their 1/25 chieftain several years ago. It was one of the most fun builds I have ever completed. It was a great kit. Sadly, a heavy weight dropped on it and destroyed it many years ago.

Is this based off the 1970s MkIII kit?

Most likely the 1/25th scale kit, though aspects have apparently changed