Tamiya 1/20 scale 1993 Indy Car Ford Lola 93/00

Welcome aboard for another journey. This one shouldn’t be to difficult as it’s main focus is a kit that’s not super detailed, but will get a little in the way of engine details. The side pod covers as I’ve said will be glued in place, so all the radiators won’t have any plumbing, and electrical black boxes located within them won’t even be duplicated.

But without giving up my next build will be, it will be the exact opposite, and take several months to get across the finish line.

Believe me, the last thing I ever thought I’d need to keep lists of is supplies and always trying to stay one step ahead of not having what I need, when I need it. And that’s just general building and painting supplies. I can’t believe just how difficult some of this stuff is getting to find. Never thought I’d have to literally go to 2 or more sites, and then use various brands.

Hopefully, with the vaccine’s now coming online, the pandemic will become the next yearly flu shot we need, and not dominate our lives to this degree.


Hi Joel

Although I very rarely spray purely water-based acrylics, I’ll remember the hot water trick - especially as it’s great excuse to keep a kettle in my workshop and will save countless trips up and down three flights of stairs to make a cuppa! :beer:

All the best

Rowan :beer:

As I said in my email to you: Multi tasking to it’s best.


Primed the Chassis, body, rear wing, etc with Ammo by Mig Black One shot primer as I've previously posted.   The One Shot does indeed sand and polish extremely well which is a real good thing as I hate to think of the difficulties in trying to strip it and start over again.   One thing that I did notice is the that One Shot isn't really Black, but more like a Nato or dark Gray Black. So I still can use it when those shades are needed, but never again as a primer coat. 

Here’s the Chassis and body shell that still needs a little more polishing so I can start apply the Gravity Black color coat.


Well, the primer stage on the Lola as beaten me into submission, frustration, and just killed my Mojo for this build right now.

I’ve sanded and polished the really rough surface of the primer and thought that I got it good enough. But the truth be told, it just wasn’t. I air brushed on the Gravity Black lacquer as i always do of light, even coats # 14psi. But the color coat looked horrendous. I let it cure for a few days, but no amount of wet sanding really cured all the issues. It’s so poor that I need to strip all the various painted parts and start over. Unfortunately, my Mojo level for this build is now a lowly 0!! So I’ll slowly go through the stripping process, and then get it ready for priming later this year. In the meantime I’m going to start a build that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. Details to follow.


Thats a real shame, although I’ve been there.

I feel your pain there Joel, that’s what happened with me with the Alpine.
A year or so later I have come back to it, and although not perfect I am quite happy with the nearly finished result.
So time and patience cures all, and I’m sure your get your mojo back for this at a future date.
Looking forward to seeing what you have next in store for us.
Andy :slight_smile:

Bummer but you know what to do - step away and come back to it later .
Anxious to see the next effort and if you ever get the aircraft bug again get the Tamiya P 38 . You won’t regret it .
Cheers - Redcircles


Getting a less troublesome build across the line always refills the mojo-bucket so you hit the difficult ones with renewed vigor.

Looking forward to the new project hitting the bench.

Cheers, D

Thanks guys. For a change that’s exactly what I did. Everything was repacked, and in a few days I’ll get a chance to pick up a quart of Denatured Alcohol, which is what I’ve always used to strip paint off. Hopefully, it works on this primer as well.

Right now I’ve already pulled down my next build which has been designated my next build all along. Take a look at my new avatar, as that’s the exact car. It’s the Penzoil Porsche 911 GT1 that ran at LeMans. I’ll be doing an opening post sooner then later.

As for the Lola, she’ll get done this year for sure.



Hi Joel

This is a strange situation. That said, I’m wondering how much the unattractiveness of the primer will hurt your black base coat? If this were to be painted a more transparent color, like yellow, or red, ugh - that would be tough to save - with black, I’m not sure? Could you test paint the underside? just to see what happens? It might be fine.

You might recall I built the Yamaha F1 car a while ago - and used two different primer colors for different body parts, both areas to receive a red top coat. That was a mistake - one area turned out a crisp red, while the other a warm red - which you’d only notice if you looked at the car!! :smile: Maybe not so much trouble with black (usually fairly dense/not transparent), as the base looks fairly smooth, if not a bit high and low in tone :thinking:

Take care and stay well - oh, and please finish this build! :wink:



i posted that the color coat turned out horrible due to the prime coat IMHO. So, the build has been stopped for now. Next up is the Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1 in Pennzoil colors.

For a stripping agent I’ve always used Denatured Alcohol, but I need to get to Home Depot as I’m out this week and buy some. Then I’ll strip everything. If that works, then right after the 911, the Lola is back on my bench. I also ran out of Gravity Black paint. just placed an order for some paint and supplies, so I’ll be ready to go when the 911 GT1 crosses the finish line.


Sorry, Joel - I misunderstood your text/photos above - more sorry to fully understand what happened! Don’t give up on - My bet is you’ll fix it up, and have a great finish as always!


Sorry to read about your paint issues Joel! It’s good you have options and I look forward to another one of your Porsches, should be a good one!


Thanks so much for your support on the Lola, as well as looking forward to another Porsche adventure. I can promise that this one is going to be special, at least for us Porsche lovers, plus the GT1 category is long gone. Look for my build blog intro and 1st update this week.

I’ve got complete confidence that the Lola will cross the finish line. just need to get past the paint stripping where the acrylic primer is the big unknown. But as Hollywood has always said: What Lola wants, Lola always gets :sweat_smile: