Tamiya 1/24 scale Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

Great to see you back at the bench Joel! Really impressive progress on the 300 SL here, love it!

I’ve been really struggling with motivation lately, haven’t had much opportunity to hit the bench, and when I have I’ve got no real direction. I’ve tinkered a bit with a couple of projects and will post updates shortly, but reading through your thread here has really lit a fire mate! Let’s see if I can keep it burning and make some progress as well.

Cheers, D

Feels great to finally be able to build something and see most of what I’m actually doing. Still struggling with the progressive eye disease, and back to the eye injections which I hate.

I’m thrilled that for a change I actually have motivated you. Most of the time it’s the other way around. One thing I’ve always done is just work on one build at a time as I’ve never been able to focus on more then one build at a time. Then I just seem to always loose interest in both. You’ve always had that special gift to work on multiple builds.

As for getting your Mojo tanks full again, just from your post, you’re already there. Looking forward to seeing what ever builds you’re making progress on.

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Time for another small update. This time it’s all about tires, wheels, and hub cabs. For mostly a race car modeler, hub caps is something I never deal with. And these turned out to be a project that I just wasn’t expecting.
The kit hub caps come molded on the Chrome sprue which I expected, and just didn’t pay much attention to them until it was Tire/Wheel/Hub Cap time.

Screenshot 2023-10-05 114249

Now this is how they’re supposed to look:

Screenshot 2023-10-05 124248

Inside is the Body color, while the outside ring stays Chrome. But just to make it a little more interesting, the Mercedes 3 pointed star and the raised circle around it are Chrome. Took several attempts, but finally settled on hand painting the Red with well thinned Tamiya X7 Gloss Red paint, then very carefully polishing both the star and the circle till the Chrome was exposed. The only issue was that I just couldn’t get the Chrome exposed all the way to the base of the hub cap.

Here’s how the whole wheel assembly looks installed on the axles. Not perfect by any means, but it’s the best that I can do.



The hub caps look fine Joel !

Dry brushing some silver over merc logo?..…just a thought.

Thanks for your thumbs up. Coming from you it’s greatly appreciated.

I did think about trying dry brushing, it could have worked, butthe circle would have been next to impossible for me without making a complete mess of the hub cap.