Tamiya 1/35 JS-2

Has any one here built the Tamiya JS-2 Heavy tank? I might be getting one for Xmas as a gift. Just wondering what you guys think of it. Pros, Cons?

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I built one and I was fully satisfied.


I can’t speak to accuracy, but I enjoyed mine and think it looks the part. Be aware when assembling the link & length tracks that they are handed left & right. I missed that note and it caused a lot of headaches when it came time to fit the tracks. I added some stowage, removed sections of the fenders, and also bent them in a few places, but other than that it is OOB.


Thanks. Looks really nice. Does it only come with the Link and Length tracks? And are any figures included.

Basic build review Fine Scale Modeler: tamiya-1-35-scale-js-2-model-1944-chkz

Including newer formula rubber band tracks and link & length. Two crew figures.

Perth Military Modelling: tamiya #35289 JS-2 in box review with excellent pictures.


Today this is the best IS-2 model.
The kit shows a tank produced around August - December '44.
Apart from minor problems with the commander’s cupola - the viewing slots are too long (easy to correct based on the photo), and the shape is not oval enough, the kit does not have any critical errors.
Tanks of this appearance fought until the very end of the war.
To more accurately reproduce the hardware parts, you need to look at the prototype - all vehicles were equipped with turrets from different factories, which had different nuances of appearance.

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A very nice build,typical Tamiya.


Thanks guys. Thats what I was looking for. I hope I get one for Xmas now. If not I will have to go out and buy one…:rofl::sweat_smile::saluting_face:


No, it has a pair of vinyl tracks as well. But I’ve heard people have had problems with them. The Link & Length aren’t that difficult, they were only my second attempt at that type of track. There are assembly jigs for the top run. I lined the jig with Tamiya masking tape as suggested and applied glue sparingly. It was surprisingly easy to assemble them. The kit does come with these two figures.