Tamiya 1/35 Renault R35 with FCM turret build

Fantastic work! Love the unique tank. Welcome to KitMaker!


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Why have I never thought of cutting up cans for scratch work…

Nicely done friend!

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Thank you!
turret scratchbuild was so difficult, but I could somehow get it done.

Thank you Dennis!
I love unique tanks, too!
their look is so attractive.

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Alminium cans are so useful at scratchbuild.
But we have to give care to injuring our fingers.
I have been injured once…^^;

I got more motivation for constructing thanks to your comments.
Thank you everyone!

I added part around gun.
This is made from runner, epoxy puttey, and can.

And, I noticed that I made gun shield with the wrong design.
So I remade it.


Awesome work. You could make masters for kits!


I’m just a modeler, but I’m glad you said that. Thank you very much!

Great work…!

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Thank you!

I am adding details on the gun shield.
The rivet pattern differ from original FCM’s.
But I couldn’t find pictures from different angles, so I made some with based original pattern.

And I started making side details.


Hello ryotaro,
You are continually impressing me with your skills. I, again, like the gun shield and the guns. Very convincing. I even had to go back and look to notice the rivets on the gun shield above the MG. I do like this gun shield better than the last one, and I really liked that one. I think the “textured” look to the metal is very well done. Keep up the great work and hope to see more!

Best Wishes from Cincinnati Ohio,


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Thank you for your compliment, Walter.
I made gun from the tip of mechanical pencil.
Metal parts like these are very useful to reproduce metal texture like thinnes and precision.
I’ll keep up my works!

Many thanks,

I getting little tired of turret constructing, so I built track and started building photoetch.
This set is not expencive, but it incrudes enough parts to satisfy me.

I built shovel holder at first.
It has complex shape and so small that I had hard time building…



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@ ryotaro3-22,

Looks like your having some good fun on the bench. I need a new set of glasses to spend anytime looking at something this small when I model so looking at what you’ve done with the photo-etch is awesome. Keep up with the building it’s coming along nicely.

~ Eddy :tophat:

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Thank you Eddy.
I am difficult to look these small parts, too…
So I use camera to look it exactly.

My school have started, so I can have little times for modelings.
So I’m still adding photo etch…

I applied photoetch of shavel holder and around jack.

The character of “RENAULT” is so exactly.
It’s my favorite.