Tamiya (1/35) Universal Carrier Mk. II

Hey folks. Sharing a 4 year old shelfqueen which I finally managed to finish - Tamiya’s Universal Carrier Mk. II. Built up quite easily - only hiccup was me losing the rear decal with the number and insignia. Nice kit, gave me a bit of time to practice figure painting. Thanks for looking!


Nice job! That is the same kit I post on April 5th.
Same decaleing as I did also.
I added some photo etch did you?
It was my first build in over 50 yrs.
Cheers Dennis

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Hi James,
Once again great paint job and weathering on both vehicle and figures!
Have you considered adding an antenna?

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Thank you! I just saw your build - you did an excellent job :slight_smile: Nice detailing on the figures and the equipment. I’m not very good with photo etch unfortunately - I prefer styrene as much as possible. Could definitely use some practice.

Thanks Joe. I forgot about the aerials - I’ll add one to the kit when I manage to stretch some plastic over a candle again.

You can also use the thin electric guitar strings…they will look great and don’t
bend so easily.

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Looks amazing. A small kit that has a big story to tell

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Brilliant rendition of this kit!


Wow, Fabulous dust job. Not too much, not too little, just right.

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Yup! Guitar strings are pretty nice, been using them for other projects. I’m just saving nowadays because I’m nearly out of supply - I don’t actually have a guitar and got the strings for free from a friend who was discarding them hehe

Thanks Chris! I appreciate Tamiya throwing in stowage and crew figures - they add a lot of life to the kit. I wanna improve how I paint them :slight_smile:

Thanks Karl! Pretty enjoyable kit, would love to build a Wasp version in the future.

Thanks a bunch Jack! :slight_smile: