Tamiya 1/48 Birdcage Corsair done

Hi Mead93 - Thanks for the interest.
The aircraft was primed with Stynylrez Grey then preshaded with Stynylrez Black along panel lines .
I did the wheel wells with Vallejo ModelAir Insignia white so that I could keep moving forward while I waited for the Gunze Aqueous paint to arrive. I didn’t think the color tone would be as different as it ultimately was from the H -1 Gunze Aqueous White
which is what I used for the bottom of the fuselage and wing center section . The underside of the outboard sections of the wings and the sides of the fuselage were done in H - 56 Gunze Intermediate Blue . Upper fuselage and wings are H - 54 Gunze Aqueous Navy Blue . Both blue areas were post shaded with the base color lightened with H - 1 White . Hope this helps.
Cheers - Richard

yes richard trying to get back to building. i have not been able to get downstairs to my benches since my injury last june. i have the 61 lorenzen ford for the strip and track campaign on one bench and a me 262 for that campaign on my other bench sitting frozen in time. i think mosquitocon is scheduled for this july but i’m not going to make it this year most likely.