Tamiya 1/48 Birdcage Corsair done

Just finished this one up - great kit and hard to believe it is 25 years old .
Built it SOOB with aftermarket decals - even though they are the same markings supplied with the kit I wanted fresh , thin ones .

Thanks for looking and all comments welcome.


That’s really gorgeous. I’ve held the kit in my hands on more than one occasion but haven’t pulled the trigger.

Thanks Phil - I picked this one up from a vendor at a show a few years back for 15 bucks - a bargain !

Well done.


Nice build. one of my favorite planes and schemes. i recently finished the same kit. used the kit decals with no problems. i intend to mount it on a carrier deck catching the wire someday. need to put a booster seat under the pilot, he’s too low in the seat.


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One of my all time favourite planes! Really like the finish. I have a hobby boss kit of the birdcage Corsair on the way

Thanks Joe - good to hear from you - Maybe MosquitoCon will happen again !

Thanks Mead93 - hope you will post some pics of yours .

Nice clean build, one for the shelf for sure! Is it missing an antenna line?

I just looked up at mine and wondered… hmmm. Then I remembered all the loads of resin and said, “I’ll just enjoy looking at yours for a while longer.” :slight_smile:

Yes nice Corsair!

Thanks HG - I sometimes like to cleanse the modeling pallete with a simple OOB build and Tamiya kits are just the thing for that.
I generally do not add antenna wire to models that are not on bases as they are at risk from handling but I have recently built a nice display cabinet in my shop so I may retrofit them . Thanks for the interest and I am a big fan of your work.
Cheers- Richard

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Thanks Wade !

Yes, a very nice build of that Birdcage, Richard. I used this kit some years ago to build a Royal Navy Corsair Mk. I with folded wings out of it. Sadly it crashed from my shelf of pride 2 meters down and has a broken wing since then … :face_with_head_bandage:

I also don’t add antennas to my builds because I show them on expos and for transport reasons they are easier to handle without antennas.

Torsten :beer:

That turned out pretty dang snazzy! I’ve got the same kit in the stash. It’s one helluvalot better kit than the Revell Corsair I built a few years back as a gift to one of my friends. Sheesh!! I never wanna go through that experience again.
Great work on this build. Looks great!!

Revell Corsair? Remember doing a 1/32 Revell Corsair as a kid in the 1970’s - it was a bear :bear:bear :bear: of a kit from what I recall.

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Mister…the 1/48 scale kit was nothing short of a Bear to build. Terrible kit.

Beautiful job, Richard. I’ll have to take a pic of the same kit in the same markings that I built.

The kill markings have an interesting history. The A/C belonged to the XO of the squadron (VF-17) and were applied stateside prior to the squadron’s deployment overseas! This is because they recorded the pilot’s kills flying F4Fs earlier in the war. However, he had a breakdown prior to the squadron’s overseas deployment and was reassigned due to combat fatigue.

Every man has his breaking point, as they say.

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Thanks Brian - always a pleasure to hear from you .
By all means post your Corsair build in this thread - I would love to see it.
I was aware that the kill markings were really from the pilots previous Wildcat mount and it being a new aircraft and destined for carrier service I chose to leave it in a pristine state . I was unaware of the pilots mental state . Very sad and , landing the “ Hose Nose “ on a carrier could only add to the stress of combat .
Thanks for looking in - Richard

Tonight or tomorrow I’ll have a great LL post up. What HG did with the ball turret is unlike anything I have ever seen before in a B-17 model – and he’s still perfecting it! Also, I will upload a shot of my version of this same bird.

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Curious what colors you used for the blue and silver/grey underside? My hobby boss kit just arrived and it has the same scheme. I like the blue you used quite a bit