Tamiya 1/48 Sherman Firefly

This is model #6 that I have made since my foray back in to scale modeling after a fifty-year layoff. I am slowly improving . . lots has changed since 1973. . .stowage and weathering was just beginning when I left the hobby. Looking at these photos I see a couple of spots I need to touch up.


OK, a couple of things.
First, great job, especially so since it’s 1/48, so few people work in that scale.
Second, we need more information on that base, it looks great. How did you do the brick work on the street?
Third, the Brits love to add hessian (burlap strips, usually in green) to their camo nets. These are usually made from strips of tissue, tape, lead foil, or whatever. You don’t have to do it, just a suggestion.


That happens a lot, at least to me.

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Thanks for the reply . . .as for the base I made it from scratch. A 5x7 piece of wood. The surface was air-dry clay and on that I used a Rolling Pin Herringbone from Green Stuff. The walkway and brick wall were also air-dry clay as well and a brick wall rolling pin was used on that also. The “Nijmegen” sign was downloaded off the internet as well as the Union Jack which is just glued to the front of the base.

I know the camo you are talking about. . . the strips I have seen in numerous photos. I just decided to go the easier route and use some rolled up painted gauze bandage on the gun.

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i love the look of this kit that you have made, well done indeed. i just wish Tamiya would re-pop their 1/35 version.