Tamiya 1:48 Skyraider A-1J Pilot Seat Wanted

I recently acquired a raffle win with this kit, but apparently it was “previously owned” and is missing the pilot’s seat.

I checked Scalemates.com, but no resin/other replacement is listed there. Any ideas for a replacement?

Is it the Yankee extraction seat you need or the early style?

I know True Details used to make a set of Yankee’s but not sure if they’re still in production.

Phantomlvr and Phantom_phanatic, thanks for the responses. I tried another web store, Litlinx that listed the eduard printed seat, showing it was very recent release. Don’t know why when I looked twice at Scalemeates that I didn’t see the listing.

Again, thanks! I’m going to try a camo masking set as well on this, as the SEA scheme had a fairly sharp color division line.

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That’s brilliant, had no idea Eduard had a seat coming out!
While I wouldn’t personally bother replacing the Tamiya one, I have got a few of the Matchbox A-1E’s that do need the seats replacing.

Hello there, I just saw the Yankee Ejection seat listed on Ebay, 7.99 USD.

What plane are you making? An early Skyraider H model or later J model? I have the 1/48 Tamiya with the old bucket seat, I did some modifications to make it an Air Force J model Yankee seat. I am using the Tamiya H model kit to make an Air Force J, Sandy. The parts needed are in the kit but not the Yankee style seat. If you are doing a late model H or an Air Force J get the Yankee seat. HTH

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Thanks Jon, but I was able to source a proper seat (Eduard) that was released right after I posted in December. Nice work!

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