Tamiya 1/72 Spitfire Mk.1

Needed a relaxed build to bring back the mojo… I took Tamiya’s 1/72 scale Spitfire Mk.1… Nice little kit. Great for a relaxed weekend build…
Had some small mishap during decal fixing but still I liked how this has turned out…
Used white glue to fix the canopy but it stayed white instead of becoming transparent…
Rigging is from a transformer copper wire taken from old mobile charger.
Realized that Lights were not painted when I took these pics. fixed now.
OOB build. Marking as per instructions not sure if it is real… Actual restorations look different…

Thanks for watching. Comments and pointers to improve welcome.
Have a wonderful day ahead,


Looks great. Nice and clean. Very sharp.

FYI your landing gear is reversed…

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:sweat_smile: Thank you sir :+1: for pointing out. I will fix it …

Fixed the landing gear :slight_smile:


Paint looks quite nice!

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Hope my Airfix Mk I looks half as nice as that!

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You’ve inspired me to take on that Airfix Warhawk in the stash. I need a nice relaxing build that will be fun. The Warhawk will be even simpler to paint.

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@Spitfire - Looking forward to it :+1:

@Lakota - I will check that out… Need to collect a few simpler kits… These smaller simpler kits are best mojo restorer after a hectic project. :slight_smile:

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