Tamiya Achilles

Did this last year if I remember. Tamiya kit released in 2019 or there about. OOB. Much of the stowage comes with the kit but I think I added a few items from the spares. No issues or problems with the build but it was a bit tough getting the crew in their positions. Gives you a real appreciation of how tight the crew compartment is and that they managed to fight effectively despite very cramped quarters.

Custom mixed Tamiya over a black and white preshade. Oil wash and pinwash, light dry brushing, and dust with ground pastels and AB.

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That is a SUPER build with a SUPER paint job and EXCELLENT weathering!
Likewise for the figures!
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Great build, excellent weathering. Love the figures, especially the facial expressions.

You 've go to hand it to Tamiya, including figures in their kits. These, and the figures in their subsequent releases are among the best in plastic out there in my opinion. And honestly, the figures are a big part of the reason I bought this kit.

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Again outstanding job DV as usual!

Wonderful job, love the finish and the figures are spot on! If, I may ask, It looks like you took you pics in a photo cube? I was wondering what settings, ISO and such you used to achieve the pics. They are very well done. I just got one and hoped to learn about photographing models. Thanks in advance.


Wonderful job - everything is just the way I like it to be - tip of the hat to you !

Those WWII vehicles were downright spacious compared to a lot of modern vehicles, especially the Russian stuff.

Very nice work!

I can’t take credit for the pictures. My friend as a prop set up with all the lights etc. and he takes the photos so I have no idea what settings etc. he uses.

What a fabulous model. Truely, the figures make the whole thing work. Hats off to Tamiya for putting such spot on figures with the kit. Beautiful job!

That is outstanding . It is a looker for sure.
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WOW! I really like this build! The figures are almost life like, and now I want two of the kits!

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It was an enjoyable build and the figures were a big reason for the purchase.

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Just finished this one, great model

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@Herbsminx . Roy post some pics of your build . Would love to see it

By all means post some photos. Would enjoy seeing your interpertaton.

My son inlaw was Canadian mechanized Infantry for 12 years way to far north for me! I wanta say Manitoba. He is also quite a historian when it comes to Common Wealth military. He’s a good source for data during WWII and early 19 century stuff. We’ve had the mini group build in the works for almost 24 months, and Market Garden is the theme. He’s researching an Irish Guards out fit, and I just going the regular British Army route with some Polish influence. I asked him about the use of the Archer and Achilles awhile back, but he hasn’t got back with me yet.

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Fabulous work on model, paint, weathering and figures!

outstanding work you’ve done there, well done indeed.