Tamiya colors for WWII US navy and USAF F-16

Hello resident aircraft builders, I used to build aircraft mainly when I first got into the hobby as a kid. I then spent a while building armor.

Recently I have discovered the vintage accurate miniatures kits and fell back in love with aircraft and recently bought five of them (don’t tell the wife!). 3 P-51 mustangs variants, a TBM avenger and dauntless. Long story short I don’t think I can really consider myself an armor builder anymore (more than half my stash is now aircraft.)

I am little out of practice here though. I have a gift card to use and need aircraft paint colors. I mostly spray Tamiya acrylics through an airbrush. I’ve noticed that Tamiya has colors like navy sea blue and gunship gray in rattle can but not acrylics.

I am looking for advice on which Tamiya colors are the best starting point for the three greys on USAF F-16 and the sea blue and intermediate blue on WWII US navy aircraft. My googling has turned up


XF-19 sky gray (light gray on f-16)
Xf-53 neutral grey (medium gray on F-16)
Xf-24 dark gray (substitute for gunship gray)


Xf-17 sea blue (starting point for navy sea blue, but likely needs tweaking)
Xf-18 med blue (starting point for intermediate blue, but again likely needs tweaking.)

Am I on the right track with these or is there a better way to go?

There are several tables out there for Tamiya paint mixes (just Google it). Here are a couple of the more well known:



And here’s a page where they sort of collect different paint mix sites:



Michael :stuck_out_tongue:


Fantastic resource. Thanks for sharing Michael!

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Yes thanks a bunch. I had seen some of those color combos referenced elsewhere. Nice to have the source material!