Tamiya Flat Red spray can

im used to using tamiya acrylic paint i was wondering what the spray can equivalent to flat red is, can anyone enlightening me?

I don’t think there’s a spray paint equivalent to XF-7 Flat Red.

aww poop, i hope you are wrong but my quick search didn’t cough up anything.

Most of the spray paint red colors are glossy and run the range, from Mica Red, Brilliant Red, Italian Red, etc…

The only flat color that I know Tamiya offers is Dull Red and Hull Red.

My paint app say XF-7 and TS31 Bright Orange are very close.

Still have the issue for the finish but you can spray a flat coat over it.



Tamiya does have TS-33 “Dull Red” but that is a darker shade and nearly equivalent to their new “Red Oxide Primer” color. (More “Boxcar” red or German tank primer color.)

If they make a flat bright red I am not aware of it. I would just air brush the XF-7 or use the TS-49 spray then go over that with a coat of TS-80 Matte Clear spray (IMHO the best model matte coating in the industry.)

p.s. Tamiya TS-8 “Italian Red” is a transparent color and will be affected by the color primer you are using or the base color under it. (I really had to lay on multiple coats to get it to cover the black primer I was using.)

This is an example of Tamiya “Red Oxide Primer” (same shade as TS-33 “Dull Red” - I use them interchangeably) with a light overspray of TS-80 "Matte Clear "to kill any shine. (Both are rattle cans) Probably not a bright enough red for your purposes.


Again I recommend just using the Tamiya Bright Gloss Red and giving it an overspray of Matte Clear to kill the shine.