Tamiya Fw-190A-3 (1/72 Scale) - A nice little kit

Hi Friends, I have recently built this little kit. A breeze to assemble and paint. OOB with no AM parts. A relaxing, mojo boosting build and painting experience. Hope you like the model… Please feel free to comment and point out areas for improvements…

Build Progress …


Have a Great Day


Looks great! I may have to get one myself.

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Very nice, Tamiya make some nice gear, you’ve certainly done it justice.

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Great looking FW-190. Really well done.


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Thanks @Gary_Kato Tamiya’s old spitfires, FW-190 in 72 scale and the BW-109 in 48 scale… They go together like a dream. If we buy one after market decal we can build 3 if you combine with kit stencils… I have exhausted my stash…I am getting few more. Comparatively cheap considering their enjoyable build experience.

@jimb Thank you and happy that you like the finish :slight_smile:

Thank you @flatfour for the kind words :+1:

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