Tamiya Jagdtiger 1/35

Hi all!

Here is my current project. The Tamiya 35307 kit upgraded with Voyager PE, RBModel gun barrel and Friulmodel metal tracks.


So far so good,coming along nicely.

Looking good.

Its looking good Antal. Lots of nicely done PE as well. What sort of paint scheme are you trying for ? The tracks have got a nice finish on them giving a real dirty used look.

Looking good - clearly a lot of work gone into this one. Love it!

Thanks for your comments.
I will paint this camo from the Tamiya box art.


And here are some more pictures.



Tamiya’s box top marking scheme is fictional. It’s supposed to be a command tank of the second company of Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 512, but that battalion used a non-standard marking system The first company was Company X, and marked their vehicles X1 through X9, using solid white symbols. Second company was Company Y, and just marked their vehicles with a white Y. None seemed to have an individual number in the few available photos. Third company was partially equipped, and never got around to marking their five vehicles, though it would presumably have been Company Z. The three companies operated independently of each other, and their commanders never met.

The 512th received their vehicles in the period when the base color was Dunkelgrun, with the Rotbraun and Dunkelgelb applied over it in hard edged patterns at the factory.

The other Jagdtiger battalion, the 653rd, used black numbers, most with a very thin white outline which is hard to see in photos. The unit had a standard three-digit numbering system. They made their own stencils, and the numbers are a bit wonky, and vary in size from vehicle to vehicle

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I have only one question. What was the marking of 2nd Company’s commander vehicle? Because I would like to build Otto Carius’ Jagdtiger.

Otto Carius commanded the second company. Tamiya’s decal designer just assigned the standard number for a second company commander, 201, disregarding the fact that the 512th didn’t use standard numbering. There are only a couple of photos of 512th Battalion’s second company Jagdtigers, and both show just a white letter Y near the top rear of the hull sides, without an individual number. As far as I know, Carius’ vehicle was never photographed.
Albert Ernst commanded first company, (Company X), and his unit is well-photographed, as it formally surrendered to US troops, with Signal Corps still and movie photographers on hand to record the event. It was the last organized German unit in the Ruhr Pocket.


Here is the finished Jagdtiger with the mounted antennas and AA machine gun.





Great Jagdtiger. Some wonderful little bits of detailing the finish is looking superb. Lovely build

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This is really nice. It feels like just the right amount of weathering/chipping for vehicles that only saw a few months action.

Good solid build, nice PE and wonderful paint. Excellent weathering.

Great job! Are the tracks kit-supplied or after-market?