Tamiya Kommandeurwagen, SS PgR20, 9SS PD 1944

Another of my “unwind” projects after the RFM Pz IV (shown elsewhere). This vehicle belonged to SS Standartenfuhrer Muller, the commander of SS Panzergrenadierregiment 20 (the armoured regiment in 9SS). These vehicles were usually reserved for generals and staff, so maybe the SS were able to “acquire” equipment no available to Heer units! Unfortunately, the photos in the unit history don’t show the number plate, so I’ve gone with “generic” (modified from the Tamiya transfer sheet). The symbols on the command flags are hand painted, the left one is indistinct in the photo, but the regimental number is an educated guess. These flags sometimes carried the name of the commander, if in a kampfgruppe. Tac marks and unit badge were hand applied using marker pens.


Looks great! I love the camo.

Well done. I like the camo.

Thanks for the comments guys. The one is the photograph was totally random, so pretty difficult to reproduce, so I just went freehand.

Really great job. Excellent finish.

Nice build, Nice paint and nice freehand work :+1:

The colors are so natural.