Tamiya KV1

I “won” this kit at a figure show last summer. Anything that wasn’t a figure went into the ordnance category. I present to you the 1972 vintage Tamiya KV1.

The instructions were in Japanese, there was a small tube of Tamiya glue included, and it was designed to be a motorized kit. The gearbox was complete but sometime over the last 50 years the motor went missing. There was no option to build the kit without using the gearbox so I broke out the Dremel and cut it up to salvage the axel. Next up was to fill in all the motorization holes in the bottom of the hull pan and the L shaped slots on either side of the rear hull designed to allow the gearbox and axel to be dropped in. Once the lower hull was taken care of the rest of the construction was pretty straight forward.

I did do a couple of enhancements. The plastic tow cables were replaced with wire inserted into the drilled out kit cable ends. The turret was roughed up using Testor’s liquid cement and a stiff brush to give it the cast look, and plastic strip was used to to fill in the periscope slots. No real issues except that both fender fuel tanks were out of round and needed some work to get them to look better. The kit tracks were a bit twisted but I managed to get them to lay flat by moving them around the running gear till I found a spot where they would lay the flattest. Surprisingly the barrel was a one piece affair. The whole thing was base coated in flat black then sprayed with flat white in random areas before being given a base coat of a custom mixed green left over form another project. Tamiya paints were used. Weathering was done with dark oil washes and dry brushing.


Great job, you really made the old girl shine. :+1:

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Well, for an old old kit… You have nailed it 100%… It looks great and the colour tones are spot on…lovely build :+1:

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A++ very well done, bringing life to that old kit.

Did you save the little metal tube of glue?

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Nicely done. The weathering is great.

Thats a spectacular build DV. I love your subtle weathering and color modulation.

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Looks damn good! Aside from perhaps replacing the tracks, you hit all of the kits other shortcomings and brought them up to speed quite well. The end result is great! :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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Sorry to say this kit just did not warrant AM tracks of any kind. It was a fun build. Kind of took me back to the days when I built jut out of sheer enjoyment and didn’t know any better to worry about accuracy issues, etc.

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Excellent job. Proof yet again that these ancient Tamiya kits can be made to look quite good with a little TLC

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I cheated on mine. I have a Trumpeter 1/35 KV in my stash. Those kits come with both link and length and single piece vinyl tracks. I took the the single piece tracks for use on my Tamiya kit.

Had I had that option I may have gone that route but then again I wanted to keep this as 1972 as much as possible.

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I build today for nothing but enjoyment.
The KV 1 is one of my all time favorites and think you did an outstanding job.
It’s better than my late Tamiya version of the KV1.

Nice work on an great old kit…:+1:t2:

Thanks for all the positive feedback. Much appreciated.

Excellent paint job and weathering!

I love the color is very beautiful.

Looks awesome :+1:t2:

Top level, superior to the base model