Tamiya M113A2 50 cal ammo can help needed

Hi all,

i could use some help right about now as i have just had one of those fun incidents that question your hobby/sanity.

a small jar of tamiya fell from my shelf and hit not one, not two but four models doing damage to them. My Bandai A-wing star fighter lost it’s canopy which i found and reattached same goes for my Bronco British army quad bike and trailer, as the spare wheel and load got knocked off which i have now glued back in place. the landing skid on my Revell 1/72 AH-1G lost a landing skid but i have found it and i need to repair that as well.

the big problem is the Tamiya M113A2 50 cal ammo, which was smashed off and i can’t find it and there are no replacement in the spares box of the open top ammo can that you can see in the picture below. does anyone have a replacement that i can buy from them or know the part number and maybe i can order a replacement from Tamiya?

I do have the closed version of the can but i would prefer the open top version with the 50 cal ammo exposed.

That ruddy jar of paint did more aerobatics that your average Olympic gymnast ever did

I got a couple, PM me your address and I’ll mail 'em over.
That M113 looks killer by the way!

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cheers mate, it’s part E4 on the instruction sheet and I’m more than happy to pay postage and packing etch.

sending you a pm shortly


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I’d like to hear how you repair the skid on the Cobra, I have a LOACH that got knocked off the table and broke the skid at the fuselage, it’s been repaired once but didn’t survive the second auto-rotation lol :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Thats a shame Terry, It looks really good!

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I have repaired broken skids by drilling a hole in both the skid side and the fuselage, then pinning the joint w/thin (1/16) wire and glue with superglue. Let dry fully and touch up the paint and it will be as good as new.


yep that’s what intend on doing, although I plan on using Albion alloys metal tubing.

Looks great. Just a question for all, do M2 ammo cans have stencilling on front as well as back?

I originally pasted one on my M901, but removed it based on t’internet info.

Hopefully Gino will be along to answer this for you :slight_smile:

The stenciling is only on one side.

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