Tamiya mark 4 F vs Dragon's

I was wondering how the Tamiya mark 4 F compares to one of the Dragons mark 4 D or E’s?

Not a fan of some of the Dragon Panzer IV D’s. The old TriStar kits pretty much kicked Dragon’s kester with the early kits. TriStar’s can be finicky to build with lots of perfect part clean up required. TriStar had Tom Jentz on board a tech consultant.

Dragon Pz IV D vs TriStar Pz IV D

There are four parts to the compare and Dragon’s D looked pretty lame when A to B compared with TriStar.

Dragon did improve with the E version etc. The other Dragon Pz IV’s are very good to outstanding. I really like their G H & J models :slight_smile:

I built the Dragon Pz IV F and have the Tamiya Pz IV F. The Dragon F is good the lower suspension, magic tracks and wheels are superior to the Tamiya Pz IV F. The Tamiya kit is very 1994 for the lower hull, suspension & wheels. The Tamiya bogies are sort of 1994 nasty compared to Dragon. Wheels lack weld marks on the rims and lack lettering compared to Dragon.

The Tamiya link & length tracks good very good. Moving to the upper hull and turret, the Tamiya mold quality is very 2020 and outstanding. Many weld seams and flat screw heads details are present finally on the new Tamiya kit that Tamiya ignored in the past. Dragon’s upper hull detail & turret detail is excellent.

Ease of build, engineering, excellent crew figures & instructions Tamiya kicks :dragon: Dragon :dragon: butt with easy.

While Dragon has a better lower hull, that’s usually the least visually interesting part of a model tank. The visual appeal is mostly in the turret and upper hull details.

Dragon F vs Tamiya F, if I could only have one, I’d rather have the Tamiya kit.

If you’d like pictures of anything specific in the Tamiya F for comparison I will take them and post.

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Your assessment is running parallel to what I was thinking. I have Cyber Hobbies Vor Panzer Mark IV D and was thinking about adding the Tamiya model F if it was noticeably better.