Tamiya Mustang GT4 w Scudo/Roush/Kohr Motorsports livery

This build uses Indycals decals (my first try with these; a couple of errors but given the amount of decal coverage not too bad); the paint is MCW Victory Red, which was a good match to the real car. The only other modification was an HGW harness, which looks great but is unfortunately hard to see when done. The build is just wonderful; I didn’t like the boring graphics the kit came with so was happy to see Indycals has such a great selection for this car. Scudo is a customizable metal wallet for men, in case you were wondering.


Beautiful piece of art Bill!


Great stuff Bill, beautifully finished build!

Cheers, D

Excellent build.
This would look great as a photo feature on the Automodeler content site.
You can upload all the pictures and text by hitting the create button in the top right corner.
Andy :slight_smile:

Andy, will do. I also did a Ford GT with their decals; if that’s okay I’ll send both.
Thank you,

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That would be great.
Thanks, Andy :slight_smile:

Great looking build.