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1/48 Challenger and Tiger, and 1/35 U.S. Infantry Scout Set Figures coming from Tamiya

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You know, I just couldn’t quite help myslef, in a moment of sheer whimsy, upon looking at the figures - superb non-combat poses that they are - how much better it would have been for Tamiya to have seized the bull by the horns and produced instead, a selelction of soldiers - same excellent poses - but in 70s Cold war period, European uniforms.

I know, a niche market perhaps, but it would have been soooo good!

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BootsDMS, agreed. That slice of the 20th century remains relatively untapped, especially compared to the WW2 figures that continue to dominate the model market. Of course, my view is slightly skewed, due to my own military experiences beginning smack-dab in the middle of REFORGER-time, the end of the draft and continuing through the first second decade of this century. Pickle-Suits, Unite!!

I know; in the meantime I’ll probably get a set of these and prepare for the endless sanding, Milliput, lead foil and weapons replacement that will be required, just to have some half-decent figures - if my skills are up to it - to enhance, what? Well, the Takom M114 for a start. A Gama Goat perhaps? Groan!