Tamiya Olive Drab-Spray And Brush Versions

I note that there are two Tamiya WW2 era olive drab paints (TS-6 and TS-28), but are there brush equivalents for either one? With paint4models temporarily indisposed, I wondered if anyone was saure.

TS-5 is XF-62. Have no idea if there is an equivalent for TS-28.

According to this chart, there is no XF bottle paint equivalent to TS-28 OD#2. In their lacquer paint line, the equivalent is LP-29 OD#2.

The XF-62 OD equivalent is TS-5 (not -6), BTW.

Typo. Thanks, this makes my upcoming projects much easier.

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There is also AS-6 OD.

As I understand, the AS-series paints are supposed to be aerosol matches for aircraft colors. I believe the AS-6 is intended to be some sort of USAF OD.

This is from Tamiya’s website:

These spray paints are specifically developed to provide the subtle shades necessary for finishing aircraft models. Ready-made spray cans remove the need to mix your own colors for the ultimate in convenience. Colors are formulated to provide the authentic tones found on historical and modern military aircraft. Each can contains 100ml of synthetic lacquer paint.