Tamiya paints out of tone?

I have a very confusing situation with XF-67 NATO green going on here and want to know if anybody else made the same experiences already?

I recently finished my build of Meng’s Leopard 2A7 and started with the paint job. Depleted the rest of an older glass on the road wheels and opened up a new one which i bought two weeks ago. Since i want to do some testing for washes and weathering i sprayed a paint mule first. Already thought that the paint was comparatively thin but nevermind. While the paint was still wet it appeared to be relatively dark and lacking it’s subtle yellow part but it didn’t make mesupspicious yet.

But under sunlight conditions the fact was revealed the next day. The tone was basically totally (beside it was green) off and much closer to field grey than to NATO green. Okay, mislabeled container i thought, but not. Same result with the second new one.

So i ordered yet another glass to find out if it’s possibly a bad charge in general and the result was the very same. And in the hand i got my hands on a new, unopened glass of a friend of mine which delivered a lighter and way more yellowish result compared to what acually should be NATO green. More of a lightened old Bundeswehr olive.

For the avoidance of doubt i did a test run with pieces of different test parts in grey, sand and darker green but the results always remained the same. So it wasn’t me i guess.

I’m not in the industries but is it possible that the whole ongoing situation in the world at the moment effects the paint industry that much? I wouldn’t be wondered if companies would be forced to cheap out on the suppliers or just get “bad deliveries”.

In hopes of a fitting tone i ordered a bottle of AK RealColor for yet another test. Let’s see how it will turn out.

Haven’t heard of this with XF-67 but it has happened with XF-62 Olive Drab and Tamiya messing with the formula.

Tamiya obviously has serious quality-control issues with paint colors from different batches. I’ve experienced that with several colors. It’s especially annoying when painting a car kit…starting with one bottle, running out, and finishing with a second bottle, then noticing a distinct difference between the two bottles! :rage:
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When did you buy them I agree with @Tank_1812 in that it’s a formula change and not a quality control issue. Olive drab as he points out shows this. I have two newer bottles of OD that are the same but noticeably different than an older bottle

Agreed, Tamiya has modified some of their military colors, but there are differences in the non-military ranges in both bottle paints, and rattle can which I’m sure was not deliberate.
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