Tamiya- Panzer II

The model is a Tamiya #35292 Panzer II A/B/C kit. Construction went Tamiya smooth. The kit tracks are link and length with a fairly substantial number of ejector pin marks on the inside face. The model built nicely in a month or so in late 2019. The main gun and MG were replaced with the Aber kit for the Pz II. The kit muzzle on 20mm is OK but the Aber parts are much nicer looking in my opinion.

The kit tracks fit well enough and looked nice enough but I decided to replace with Fruils version of Pz II white metal track links. The Fruils were a total pain to deburr, drill out & assemble. Easily the most frustrating Fruil set I’ve worked with to date partly due to small size but mostly due to Fruils slipping quality.

The tracks were lightly burnished in a small amount of Blacken-It left over from another project. I didn’t think this was an issue until I tried to buy another bottle of Blacken-It to finish the project in 2019 and discovered the product was long discontinued. The tracks were completed with a Floquil Antique Bronze wash, and small pin washes of dirt & Rust.

Later the outside face was lightly sanded and burnished to expose metal as well as inside face where tires touch.

Thank you @SdAufKla Mike for the idea to sand & work on inside face of the track links based on a picture of your T-44 shared.

Tamiya provided two different styles of photoetch muffler cover. They are nice but a little thick, and benefitting from annealing before fitting to the muffler and rear.

Assembled in 2019 the model, painted in 2020 and finally finished in 2021. :smiley:


Very nice.


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Indeed, very nice!

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Ditto what everyone said. Looks great!

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Nice work! This is a kit I’ve been meaning to get for a while now, but it’s always out of stock in our LHS.

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