Tamiya Panzer IV/70 A #35381

Don’t know if many of you have taken a close up peek at this kit but all I want to say is “Wow”, I wish I had the extra cash today to buy the other on the shelf.

I wanted to point a few things that I thought were pretty nice. First off the length and link tracks

Note this nice feature

See the two open spots, they align with one of the top return rollers on step 3

This helps out a guy like me that might fight these a bit trying to get a nice clean run. And also this nice little improvement, pre-molded sag and slight radius

Not to mention what I think is a really nice figure and a nice color insert for paininting. A one piece molded barrel and PE mesh Schurzen also. The two top hatches can be movable and there is breech detail but not much else for interior detail. However w two figures if you add one there won’t be much to see anyways.

Anyways, I’m pretty impressed with what I’m seeing, I might pilfer some panzer IV PE and accessories here and there to step it up but I’m looking forward to putting this in the build queue, plus this gave me a chance to try out my new iPads camera.


I was impressed the first time I saw the tab to align tracks on my Renault R35 build. It has been a feature on a few of the more recent Tamiya kits.


I agree with Peter.


My $.02 worth… This was the nicest and easiest (modern) kit I’ve ever built! I’m just waiting until life slows down to get it into the “paint shop” to finish it up. Tamiya has really upped their game over the last few years. And the figures… I don’t see myself buying resin guys to man my tanks anymore!
Good work Tamiya ! Now, how about a new M-8? :slight_smile:


This kit is exquisite right out of the box. A joyous build from start to finish, fit, engineering, and detail are perfect. I think it could be built in a weekend or you could take your time with it and just enjoy a relaxing, flawless build. Tamiya really hit the mark with this one. I bought barrel, PE, and tracks for this to do it as a contest build, but the kit really doesn’t require any of that. It’s just beautiful in all aspects out of the box. The only thing I would say it does need is 3D or PE tool clamps and clasps. We all know that nobody can get these right in styrene and they don’t look good molded to the tools, especially on such a fine kit as this. Luckily this is an easy fix with 3D clamps widely available and easy to use. Or you can just ignore this and truly build it out of the box. This kit can go from workbench to showcase with no aftermarket. Truly a Tamiya gem.


Chris I wish all the Mojo in the World for the kit.

Regarding Tamiya, realy wish they could do something more unique some time. Like they do the new parts for the Vanatorul de care 35 https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/romania/vanatorul-de-care-r35/ from their R35 or SU-57 spg or some new American light tank …

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I have three Tristar kits in the stash, and aftermarket tracks for them. The skirts just don’t look right on the Tamiya kit, but guess they’ll do for most. The one I always wanted to look at was the Dragon kit, but have never seen one.

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