Tamiya Plamodel Store in NY? Danger I think

Just found this website while shopping online, they only deal with Tamiya models. The prices are almost to good to be true:

I did a Google search for both the address and name and nothing came up. Also on the payment screen PayPal is with a lowercase p…and the icing on the cake is that the website is from 2022 and no phone number.
I just wanted to give a shout out warning to everyone to be careful, if it is legit, please let me know and I will remove this post.


Smells fishy - prices are too good to be true …
Anxious to see about this one .

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Good catch @Floridabucco

That’s a very authentic looking webstore.

I can imagine that a Tamiya Plamodel store could exist in New York city joining Hong Kong, Tokyo and Zeer Rangsit (Thailand) but I don’t think this is it.

The “company’s” address:

2457 West Virginia Avenue
Greenfield Ctr. NY, United States (US)

The “2457 West Virginia Avenue” portion of the address can be found in CO, AZ, FL, VA and SC. No New York.

There’s a 2457 West Virginia Street in Indiana and might be for sale if you’re interested:

Here’s Virginia Ave in New York City:

doesn’t seem likely.

and Greenfield Ctr. NY matching the ZIP 12833

looks very pleasant but not really reminiscent of the Tokyo, Thailand or Hong Kong locations.

I’d be happy to be diagnosed as paranoid: but again, it doesn’t seem likely.

Anyone know how to report these situations before a too many people hand over their credit card information to a questionable site?


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I would guess this is a definite scam website. Go to Tamiya.com, click on the link to Tamiya PLAModel Factory and there is nothing at all about any US site.

Check out the contact info on the official Tamiya page, the linked PLA page and compare to this scam site.

This scam one has:

  • No phone contact
    -No Fax number (okay that is old school)
  • no email
  • no social media links (in this day and age!!)

Click on Airplanes and get a list of paints and tape… BTW the Main Tamiya sites calls the category “Aircraft” not “Airplanes”.

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If you type the address in google search, there is at least 3 different stores selling very different items with the same address plus a number of sites reviewing this one and others with the address if real or scam.

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I wonder if the Internet Hobbies bunch is back at it …

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Man I had the exact same thought. This absolutely reeks of those scum

As for reporting the better business bureau normally handles those things but I don’t think you can make a complaint unless something actually happened

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Yeah. That screams SCAM. Be careful, folks.