Tamiya’s French Char BI question

It looks to me the only difference between Tamiya’s French Char BI (35282) and their Beute Char (35287) is sprue E. Yes? I want to build the German one but is looking like the easiest option is the see if I can get the E sprue and decals from Tamiya and a French kit. IF those are the only things I need.

The easiest option is simply to buy the Blast Models update set. It has all the same parts as the Tamiya kit, as well as some other parts to update the kit. The only items it is missing is the pioneer tools (crowbar, shovel, pick, sledge) which should be easy enough to source. And decals can come from Star or Echelon, or other kits.

Found a Beute Char and did not get totally sodomized. (they used vaseline, at least) I’d seen the after market parts and decals but did not want to go knock some chick up to have a baby to sell to get kit and up grades. Joys of modelling at the poverty line.