Tamiya Somua S35 WIP

I’ve taken this off the stash pile several times and put it back. But now is the time to build it. This is meant to be a quick build to get me out of a creative block and jumpstart my mojo. This is the beautiful Tamiya Somua S35 in 1/35 scale with Def Models Update set. Its just enough to please the OOTB folk and the detail oriented. This is about 7 hours of work so far give or take. Hopefully I’ll have it ready for Primer this week. Please feel free to sound off if you see something that needs attention. Thanks for looking


Good pace to that build so far, it’s come together well with some nice extra detailing… :+1:

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Very nice so far.

This is the only French vehicle that Tamiya makes, that I do not have. I have often been tempted to buy this one. The S35 is such a beautifully ugly vehicle, almost as if someone stuck a turret on a toad.

I’ll be following along for sure.


Very well put lol. I have this kit too - no idea when I’ll get to it but might be a nice weekend “change of pace” project


The Def set comes with the casting symbols?

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Yes, the DEF Somua set comes with the casting symbols. They are done the same as Archer’s Surface Details, i.e. resin on a waterslide decal sheet.


Looks good. Didn’t know Def had a detail set for the kit.

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Thanks for the kind words guys. The Def Models upgrade set is probably one of the best bang for your model buck you will get (about $12), It came with PE parts, Resin replacement exhausts and resin 3D decals/Casting marks.

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Thanks, I wish they did a set like that for tamiyas R35.

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Are there extra casting symbols on the Def set?


Items DE35013 and/or DM35066


Looking good, love the tracks and casting markings.

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Thanks…Those are the kit individual track links. It took me 30 minutes to put both sides together. Easier than link and length.

Looks great, I am waiting to see the finished model so I can drool! Wife says that I need to act my age, I’m forever 12!


Nice work on this kit, Just wondering how it stands up to the OLD ESCI kit.

IMHO there is no comparison between this kit and the old Heller kit. This is a new(ish) Tamiya kit. It’s leaps and bounds better. That said the Heller kit is very buildable still.

Many THANKS, I have a soft spot for Heller kits. A lot of us “Poo Poo” ed them. Then I sat down and built a couple or ten. For their time they were the top of the heap. And I am a Tamiya guy.
But again thanks for the build and thanks for the reply

In the home stretch now. Just a few more pieces of Photo Etch to add like the headlight guard and all the hatch handles. I’ve decided to leave off the side mounted stowage paniers as well as the tools and their straps for ease of painting. I’ve added bolts and screw heads made from thick foil, styrene and ready made ones by modelkasten.


Any plans yet on paint schemes?