Tamiya StuG IV Build question

I am building the Tamiya StuG IV, my first model in 4 years. I wanted a cheaper older kit to practice some airbrushing and zimmerit application on before moving on to the tamiya elefant.

I am building the gun right now and ran into a curiosity in the build. When the gun is fully elevated there is a decent gap under the mantle. I can’t imagine this is supposed to be there but I can’t seem to find any errors in my build. Everything is racked together right now so if I did make an error it isn’t permanent. Has anyone built this kit and able to comment on if that gap is supposed to be there?

Well Im not a StuG expert but looking at some pictures shows that there is a little inside lip that doesn’t completely cover that area, as shown in this pic.

I may be wrong though but here are some more picture that may help.

It almost looks to me like it goes straight into the interior…

It honestly looks to me like it goes all the way though but as I said I may be wrong.
You hopefully may find this video a little helpful.

Thanks for the pictures, still can’t tell if the gap should be there. Anyone know definitively?

I’ve never seen a STUG with it’s barrel elevated so high. This is an anti-tank weapon, after all, not a howitzer.

From what I have seen in pictures, there is a small shied around the gun and an opening into which it sits. Apparently this gap let in the rain as you will often see a canvas shroud surrounding the opening.

I did notice that the gun was too high elevated and had come detached from the roof where I had tacked it. The gap is smaller than the picture but still there. Yeah I agree! I do not plan to display it with the gun elevated that high at all, I just put it at that angle to emphasize the gap.