Tamiya Sturmtiger w/Zim

This has been sitting awhile. Another members start has made me want to knock it out as mine will be kept simpler I think.

I have a masking set and I am not sure if I will use it or go single color. Actually I think I will swap out the wheels and go early style wheels on it.

Really like the grey wheels look.



Grey wheels would be a neat one for sure. Don’t think I’ve seen that scheme before.

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Its really hard to tell in the pic, but it does have a zim on it already from Defmodels.

The rubber-rimmed, early road wheels were only found on the prototype version. Other notable differences include large idlers, early tracks, no muzzle counterweight, 20 gas openings in the muzzle, 50mm riveted armor on lower glacis and a complete Fiefel air cleaner system.


Looks good so far! The zimmerit is nice and subtle.

Hi @paska, all those things you listed out - are you saying they were applicable to the prototype vehicle? I think one other thing very specific and only applicable to the prototype was the many more rifling grooves seen inside the barrel.

Yes, these are all features found on the prototype vehicle, although there is some carry over of certain features to later vehicles, such as the large idlers. Each vehicle seems to have subtle variations. I missed the barrel rifling, as well as a few other details. The barrel sheath is straight cut across the bottom, no muzzle projections, early type driver’s visor and several differences in tool placement on the rear.
One needs to pick a particular vehicle to model and compare the features to which ever kit one is building to determine the proper configuration of which details are present.

One of my primary references is the now 20-year-old Tankpower 16, which contains high quality, 5-view line drawings of 9 different vehicles. Even with these detailed drawings, I’m not sure every possible variation has been documented in this book, and the main text is in Polish, so… Then again, one could cough up the £141.02 on Amazon for Panzer Tracts #8 !

One more very notable feature of the prototype is the lack of Zimmerit.

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I got one of these in my stash. I’m itching to build mine as well.

one of the easiest builds for sure.

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Good link with detailed images.

Sturmtiger | Flickr


Maybe you can source them elswhere?

I also found damaged/burned out ones, but I guess that is not what you want?

That preshading has worked a treat, looks great :+1:t3:

Excellent paint. Great start.