Tamiya T-55 Enigma 1/35 (Hello New Forum!)

Hey folks! This will be my first post for the new forums. I’m excited to try out the new features and am extremely thankful for the in-house upload platform (RIP photobucket, you will be missed).

Anyway, here’s a few progress shots of my Iraqi T-55 Enigma Tank. I did not want to over-chip this model as the paint seems to be intact for the most part in photos (except when they’ve been destroyed obviously!) so I tried out hair spray chipping instead with two sand-colors (actually, XF-60 Dark Yellow and XF-88 Dark Yellow II - I have quite a few german stuff in the stash) which was close to each other just to limit the contrast.

Here she is now. I’m considering just a tiny bit of streaking (none of my usual oil-dot streaking all over). Any suggestions on what weathering fits the bill? Perhaps soot in the exhaust?


Dust, baby! Dust 'er up! Check pictures if you can. Looking good!

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Thanks a bunch mate! I’m just doing a bit more research before taking the plunge with the dust weathering (as this is very easy to overdo and erase all your hard work!)

Got a bit more weathering done, mostly streaks and fuel stains.

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Nice result so far. You could add soot to the exhaust and give a rusty look to the protection atop of it.