Tamiya T-55A

Wade, I agree with all of the comments above. You did a superior job of creating a used tank look. Next time you do one like this, challenge yourself to make a video of each step of the process you use. There are many (Me) who could benefit from your technique.


@iguanac Marko, I really enjoy your Polish T-55A build and look forward to seeing more. Agreed, the detail on the MiniArt T-55 parts looks pretty sweet!

@Uncle-Heavy Robin, that’s an excellent diagram thank you for sharing! Very useful.

@SSGToms Matt, thank you very for the very kind comments, I’m humbled.

@TopSmith Greg, that’s very kind, thank you.


It may be a little late for this build, but here is a fuel line diagram for future reference.


Tell me all about it …

Love your model too … nice job !


That’s one beautiful and happy looking kitty! A+++

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Just like your fluffball :heart_eyes:


I know I’m way late to this post but I love this build! I’m researching what T-55 kit I’m going to do next. I really have a weakness for Miniart kits but the Rfm one looks good also. I really like your base…all my kits sit on a glass shelf in a display cabinet. I think yours is the perfect display choice honestly.


Darren, thank you for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate the kind words.

Last summer finishing several bases, a little mini-project of its own. Finish is Miniwax prestain, Minwax Walnut & a couple of coats of Minwax gloss clear lacquer. I like having models attached to bases for ease of handling or transport to club meeting or show etc. It also keeps judges from touching the model when they can pick up the base etc.

Sounds like you have a fantastic T-55 build coming up! Look forward to seeing and following!

Regarding T-55 kits…lot of it is personal preference as both RFM & MiniArt make fantastic well detailed kits.

  1. I know most folks love MiniArt. Their kits can look fantastic.

Gave away my MiniArt T-55 after studying parts first hand & instructions. The very soft plastic, kit design & engineering, excessive parts count & excessive clean up of parts aren’t to my personal tastes. I’d get half way, toss it on my shelf of shame or trash from boredom at ~100 hour mark. I seem to recall the suspension looked fragile but I may be confused with the MiniArt SU-85 kit also given away.

  1. I like the look of the RFM T-55 kits. Look forward to hopefully building it next year. RFM’s design philosophy, engineering, quality of plastic, detail, parts count & parts clean up are very much in sync with my personal preference.

You make lots of valid points regarding Miniart…I’m a glutton for punishment! For me the building is the best part, the higher the parts count the better.

What exactly is the base made of? Picture frame?.


The bases are all inexpensive craft soft wood bases from Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s. Caught them on sale etc…

Armor_Buff Summer Base project

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My quality control technician hard at work…


Your technician looks like he is wearing headphones and about to scratch a sick beat.


Ahhh…thanks for the heads up on the bases. I’m all about making life easier. I’m planning on a first time build log soon enough with the previously mentioned T-55, I’m in the research and acquisition phase at the moment. Also my hobby space is currently being renovated and ripped down to the studs so I’m making the best use of my time.


She was actually mad about not being able to tag along to the garage for hobby time that week.


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