Tamiya Tiger I question?

Hi folks, I have a question I’m hoping to get some help with.

I picked up the old and venerable Tamiya Tiger I Late production kit (in its newest boxing, #25109 with the Tamiya Tank Aces Crew) out of nostalgia as it was one of the first kits I ever airbrushed. I want to build one again and hopefully do a better job than my first attempt. I even got some PE grilles for it.

My question is: what particular Tigers can I realistically build out of it? Are there any list of possible fixes/improvements that can be done on the kit that exists out there? I tried looking at David Byden’s excellent Tiger1.info website but he doesn’t have a lot to say on the late production Tamiya Tigers. This boxing (#25401) has a few new decals but I’m not sure how accurate the kit is for those - for example, Michael Wittman’s command tiger is an option and I know you need befelhswagen equipment for it. I have Dragon’s Tiger I Mid production kit and I see I can use some extra parts from that kit to fix some issues (like the missing bottom track holders on the turret).

Thank you!

For a Wittman late Tiger,or any late Tiger you will need to add your own zimmerit

Yep - I am aware that all Late Tigers and most mid (if my memory serves me right) needs zimmerit. I got a sheet of Tamiya’s Zimmerit decals along with this kit - while I know it isn’t the best, I’ve never tried it and would like to have the experience of doing so :slight_smile:

Cool choice! I look forward to following the project!

Tiger 1’s are interesting… David B is definitely the Jedi Master on accuracy.

I think Tamiya’s Late can be build as April 44 up to end of production Tiger 1.

The angle in the turret roof plate was made by bending the plate. In ~ May 44 it changed to being made by welding two plates together so adding weld could be needed depending on timeline. The pilsen sockets on the turret roof should be removed for an earlier April 44 build. I can’t recall when the Pilsen were introduced. They are present on the late/last Tiger 1’s.

The Tamiya turret isn’t asymmetric. That bothers some folks and Tiger Model Design used to offer a replacement with correct asymmetry.

The Tamiya kit makes a next straightforward build if adding Zimmerit and deck screens plus a few other details like tool clasp handles etc. Trying to address all of the areas that could be improved would be pretty formidable.

While not totally accurate Achtung Panzer #6 Tiger 1 is my favorite single reference for details and basic information.

BTW - the Tamiya indy link tracks have lots of punch marks. I tend to favor replacing them as its a lot of punch marks to deal with.

There are several nice aftermarket Zimmerit sets. Calvalier used to do one and ATAK still offers one. Home made Zimmerit is also pretty fun on a Tiger 1 with flat surfaces. Note that often the pattern on the turret and hull are different with ridges being of different length.

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Thanks for the feedback wade.

I just finished building Dragon’s Mid Production Tiger I with zimm and have a few academy/dragon Tiger I late production in my stash. I’m hoping to use some of the parts (especially the tools with the clamps with actual holes) that are spares from those kits to dress this Tiger I kit. I’m not planning to go fixing everything, but I’m hoping I can remedy some of the more blatant issues like the missing bottom track hangers on the side of the turret. I also wish I had some workable tracks ready to go for this kit, but I think I’ll try to fix the ones that come with the kit already with some putty and copious amounts of mud in the weathering.

EDIT: I also remember some folks saying Tamiya went back and fixed the turret shape on their late tigers to make it asymmetric. I’ll compare it with my Dragon kit once I get around building it.

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