Tamiya xf-1 dries… shiny ?!

Hello there. I have problems right now with xf-1 flat black that is drying out shiny on my model. At first I thought I used too much thinner so I bought a new jar; same result. Bought a second jar, same thing again. The paint is ultra liquid from the get go and is not flat at all on the painted surface. Im trying to cover shiny spots on my model that needed touch ups unfortunately… any solution ?

paint has been vigorously shaked and mixed

Throw against wall and scream.
Try AK Real paints.

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it could be the paint has gone off, so i would suggest buying a new jar or perhaps a spray of flat/dull coat?

As stated in my post, I bought 2 new jars to try it out and cover up the shiny mess. It gives the same result… Since I have started this project I had a lot of troubles with xf-1… sometimes shiny, sometimes it’s so flat that it dries out greyish… I spent too much time trying to fix consistency problems with this paint.

sorry mate, i just looked at the image and was racking my brains…do you wear gloves when you paint, if you don’t it might be an area that may have been contaminated by the natural oils from your skin when you’ve been handling the part prior to painting.

It only did that to me if I didnt mix it properly,but you say thats not the problem,have you tried a clear flat to fix it,I find that Alclad Flat really dries dead flat.

See the source image

Throw a Hissy fit; man up, get a new jar and carry on.

That line on the side of the turret…that is not a resin turret is it? If it is, what was the resin like before hand? Was it greasy? If so, it could be poly oil leaching out and I’m afraid that is a whole new ball game.

If it is not resin, try using Nato Black over it and see how that goes.

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Don’t worry about that. Just spray some mat varnish when you’ve completed the weathering.


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Not an ideal fix but you could try powdered pastels (pigments) to hide it.