Tamiya's venerable PBR 31 Build

Guys n girls,

Had the urge to revisit this, I built one years ago but sadly its showing its age. Also unknown fingers have been in the display cabinet and done untold damage to the fragile parts.

Already I’m quite a way into the build, done some major surgery of the kit. adding a little PE from the Eduard set and sorting some better weaponry out. I didnt appreciate just how much kit manufacturing has moved on till now LOL Extraction pin marks abound.

So if anyone wishes to follow I will take some pics with my phone camera once I work out how to get them online. I’ll explain my thinking as I post the pics, no doubt I have done some things wrong in my attempt to create a more visually interesting and accurate scale replica.
The kit has been cut into several more components than it came in. I don’t pretend to know the correct terms for the parts but bear with me.

Searches for good image of the helm and the area around has been not as fruitful as I hoped but I have gained a lot of insight from PBR restoration sites but as you know, a little info always leads to the need for more.

Tamiya did a nice job especially in the day but a few glaring errors and changes for ease of production I guess that nowadays probably wouldn’t be thought acceptable.

Any thoughts, any idea, info or critique will be gratefully received.

Thanks for looking in. Keith

Maybe you’ll find a few useful period pics here :wink:

Aftermarket detail set from Masterpiece Models :


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Frenchy thanks for that link

Definitely will be browsing through there yes and I had looked at the update set but how much of the kit I would use against the cost getting it to the UK made me waver. But I may, as a second PBR using the later parts might be a nice next build.

Always a good subject. I did a couple of them side-by-side a few years ago. You can see them here. There are also some good reference photos there as well.

I have built “PBR Streetgang” from Apocalypse Now as well.